Simplifying Complexity: CustomSoft & ORTEC

Fri | 27.01.2017


CustomSoft introduces Cloud-based optimization for companies, promising to deliver up to a 10% reduction in distances driven and logistics spend, but also a 50% reduction in the time needed for the daily planning of orders.

The CustomSoft Cloud-based optimization powered by ORTEC Cloud Services addresses (but is not limited to) the needs of online retailers with a proprietary fleet of up to 100 vehicles. This allows even smaller company fleets to take advantage of route optimization without a huge initial investment when compared to other traditional on-site solutions. 

Route optimization is an ongoing discussion among Transport & Logistics companies. Every transport & fleet manager wants to benefit from the attractive savings which can be delivered by the powerful optimization algorithms in terms of fuel consumption, km driven, from robust features which provide a predictable delivery time and also, from an improvement in service quality.

How can you benefit from this joint venture solution?
As a leading provider of e-commerce solutions for both B2B and B2C, CustomSoft was exploring the possibilities to make life easier for its existing pool of customers and offer optimization features directly integrated with Eva e-commerce. The strategic alliance between the two companies has resulted in the direct integration of the ORTEC algorithms and optimization engine into Eva e-commerce. The solution can be further enhanced with an ORTEC mobile app for drivers, to be used during real-time execution of deliveries. 

Thanks to this amalgamated solution, CustomSoft is now able to optimize the delivery routes for Eva customers, by taking into account delivery time-windows and business rules/restrictions; which will be configured specifically for individual companies. Furthermore, the system is able to accurately predict the time of delivery within a 1-hour time slot taking into account real-time traffic information and to inform the consignee of the delivery ETA with an SMS or email.

The all-in-one platform as a service in a monthly subscription

Pricing for this solution follows a monthly subscription model that embodies the whole platform as a service and includes: the cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, the software licenses, and on-going support. 

Using this type of solution, online retailers are able to reimagine their business processes, as it provides you with the speed and innovation from best-of-breed optimization technology embedded with up-to-date industry best practices. All of this is brought to you in a complete, secure, and integrated cloud environment. The CustomSoft Cloud-based optimization enables you to offer your customers the experiences they expect and the performance the market demands.

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