Second edition of ‘Doing business in Romania’ report

Sun | 14.02.2016


Member of the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce, TMF Group presents the second edition of Doing business in Romania, a briefing paper on the characteristics of the Romanian business environment.

The three biggest challenges faced by foreign companies operating in Romania are:
    •    Frequent changes of legislation (54%)
    •    Obtaining the appropriate level of support from the authorities (51%)
    •    Implementation of legislative requirements (49%)

Most businesses are willing to face these challenges, as they benefit from a strong economic recovery in Romania and an impetus to improvement in recent years, which also translates into op-portunities.

Find out here about the current Romanian business climate and how companies best navigate their way through.

Findings are based on the responses of 56 people working at both international and local firms in Romania, CFOs (34%), CEOs (21%) and HR Directors (16%) to a questionnaire conducted over the second half of last year.

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