ORTEC proudly supports Taraba Virtuala

Fri | 04.08.2017


ORTEC proudly supports Taraba Virtuala (Virtual Farmers' Market), providing them with 2 years of free access to the ORTEC Cloud Solutions.

Taraba Virtuala is a promising Romanian Tech Startup linking local farmers to local consumers via a mobile app. Using this app, local producers will be able to place pictures of their products, receive orders from customers, and deliver the products to them.

"I am really happy to work together with Taraba Virtuala and support their sustainable idea of bringing fresh, locally grown products to local consumers. Besides that, I like a lot their ability to develop an innovative idea so quickly and turn it into a working prototype with paying customers. For Taraba Virtuala, I think the cooperation is a great opportunity to enhance their Mobile App free of charge with the world’s best algorithms. There is still a long way to go, but we look forward to seeing Taraba Virtuala become successful", says Herman Wierenga (ORTEC CEE Managing Director).

Do you want to know more about the Taraba Virtuala? Visit their website and find out how you can benefit from it. www.tarabavirtuala.ro/

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