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Fri | 07.07.2017


Join the 2017 programs at MSM Romania,  the school where they recognize in each student the inner spark.


5% discount for the Fast Track Management program
10% discount for the Open Courses

For more details, contact Tatiana Dragutan, Managing Director,

November, 2017, Bucharest, Executive MBA

The EMBA is being offered jointly by Maastricht School of Management and the MSM Bucharest Association in a weekend format. The program is facilitated by faculty of professors from several different countries on four continents and staff who have successfully managed and taught in recognized business schools around the world during the previous decade. The Dutch degree conferred upon successful participants will be awarded solely by Maastricht School of Management.

September 7, 2017, Cluj,  Fast Track Management Program Cluj
October 12, 2017, Bucharest, Fast Track Management Program Bucharest

The Program combines classroom time with self learning, coaching and on the job mentoring to achieve the maximum possible impact.
Have you ever wanted to attend an MBA program, but…? It`s too lengthy? The effort is too great?  There are too many subjects that do not interest you? You have family and small children and lack time for individual study? It`s too expensive for you current budget? If you are in one of these situations, or you simply want to follow a managerial education in a compressed, efficient format, the follow message is addressed to you.

Fast Track Management is a product designed especially for those who need to receive the essential managerial acumen in a practical and efficient format. We have distilled our MBA program to the essence. We have eliminated subjects that are more suited for corporate managers in high-level positions and we have extracted the essence of those subjects we have kept. We asked ourselves: “If you are a manager in today`s Romania and you have not received a thorough managerial or financial education, but you want to grasp fast the essential, what would be indispensable for you to know?”

What followed was Fast Track Management program, a program made up of hard essences. The faculty is comprised of our best MBA professors, but also other lecturers, who deliver more specific subjects, more adequate for an applied, pragmatic approach. They combine academic rigor with practice and they are people who have personally done the things they teach in the classroom: managers, consultants, practitioners. The hard essences are distilled also by the flame of their experience. They can accompany you in your professional growth and offer valuable advice outside the classroom.

It`s a program which will take you swiftly to the next level.


July 20, 2017 Bucharest, Live Stand-Up Comedy Using Anonymized Company Financials, with Florin Ilie

Bring the financials of your company for the past two years or more, and let Florin Ilie have a look at the numbers! Do not disclose any information about the company`s name or industry! Sit back and learn how you can make an analysis based exclusively on numbers, and conclude what is the company`s field of activity, what is its strategy, what performance indicators people have in the company, what the shareholder is thinking, where is the company heading to. All this and more in an exciting demonstration of how you can become a true Sherlock Holmes of business after attending an EMBA!

Florin Ilie is ING Bank Romania`s Head of Financial Markets Corporate Sales for Central and Eastern Europe. Florin has been working with ING since 2004, where he has previously held the position of Head of Financial Markets. Florin is ranked among the top three analysts of financial markets in Central and Eastern Europe according to Extel vote of July 2012, organized by Thomson-Reuters among international institutional investors.

He has worked in banking, consultancy, diplomacy and academia and has authored or co-authored a number of specialized papers in the fields of economy and finance. Florin is a member of the Index Committee of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, of the Association of Financial-Banking Analysts of Romania, of the Harvard Club of Romania & Moldova and of the Romanian Aspen Institute.

Florin is a graduate of Harvard University (Master in Public Administration, with a major in Financial Markets and Analysis, 2002- 2004), of the University of Manchester (Master in Economic and Social Studies, with a major in European Politics & Policy, 2000-2001) and of the Academy of Economic Studies in Romania (PhD. in International Business and Economics).

To participate, please fill in this form. For more information, please contact Cristina Ardelean at or  +40756064460.


MSM was founded in the Netherlands, its origins dating back to 1952, and has been delivering its EMBA program in Romania since 2010. Maastricht School of Management, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2012, has its roots in the Institute for Management Science at the Technical University in Delft, dating back to 1952. In 1989, the school relocated to the historical city of Maastricht, and in 1993 its name changed to the Maastricht School of Management.

As a key player in the global education field, MSM is one of the few management schools that systematically combine education, technical assistance and research in its professional services. With more than 2,000 students annually graduating in more than 20 countries, MSM is the largest and most international business school in the Netherlands. MSM offers its Outreach MBA, throughout the world by partnering with respected educational institutions in each local market. 

Maastricht School of Management Romania was created by some of Romania`s most respected educational leaders of the past decade: Dora Surugiu, Adrian Stanciu and Oliver Olson.

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