New registration sessions for state aid

Thu | 04.05.2017


A new registration session on the GD no. 332/2014 (12.06.2017 – 23.06.2017). A new registration session of the Financing Requests on the basis of GD no 332/2014 for the implementation of a state aid scheme to support investments promoting regional development by creating jobs, including subsequent amendments and additions, will take place during 12.06.2017 - 23.06.2017. The budget of the session is 106.293 thousand lei.

to support investments promoting regional development  by creating jobs  

July 1st, 2014 - December 31st, 2020 (sessions of 10 working days) Payment of the aid will be made during the period 2015-2025   

RON 2,700 million (the equivalent of approximately EUR 600 million) with the possibility of supplementing 

Initial investment* that would generate within maximum 3 years from the completion of the investment the creation of minimum 10 new jobs (out of which at least 3 for disadvantaged workers) by:  
 setting up a new unit  
 extending the capacity of the existing unit  
 diversifying unit production  
 making fundamental changes in the general process of production within the existing unit   

*only initial investment in favour of a new economic activity, for large companies in the Bucharest-Ilfov region. There is no threshold for the amount of the investment.   

Activities in all sectors of the economy are eligible, EXCEPT** for the activities in:  
 the sector of fisheries and aquaculture;  
 the sector of primary production of agricultural products;  
 the sector of processing and sale of agricultural products when the amount of the aids is determined based on the price or quantity purchased from primary producers;  
 the category of activities that facilitate the closing of non-competitive coal mines;  
 the sector of siderurgy, coal, shipbuilding, synthetic fibers, transport and energy;
  the category of activities related to third countries or other member states;   the category of operation activities (aid for operation);      
**The full list of sectors of activity for which no aid will be granted by the state is presented at the end of this information.  
 The scheme is addressed to all the companies which:  
 are registered in accordance with Law no. 31/1990  or Law no 1/2005 for organising and functioning of a cooperation.
  have no outstanding debts to the budgets composing the general consolidated budget,  
 do not fall into the category of "companies in a difficult situation"  
 are not in the procedure of forced execution, insolvency, bankruptcy, judicial reorganization, dissolution, operational closure, winding-up or temporary suspension of activity  
 decisions for recovery of a state aid were not issued against them or, in the event such decisions were issued, they have been executed  
 have not benefited from other regional state aids for eligible costs of the nature of tangible and intangible assets within the same single investment project
 have not closed an identical or similar activity in the European Economic Area in the two years preceding the submission of the application for aid and, at the time of submission of the application, have no concrete plans to close down such an activity within a period of two years after completing the initial investment, in the region in question.
Specific conditions for: 
 their return on turnover ≥ 1% in the last financial year ended;  
 they have positive equity in the last financial year ended.  

 they have a called-up and paid share capital amounting to at least RON 30,000;  
 they do not belong to shareholders who hold or have held in the past two years prior to the date of registration of the application for financing another business registered in accordance with Law no. 31/1990 or Law no. 1/2005 that carries out or has carried out the business for which financing is requested;  

The maximum level of state aid from which a company may benefit is referenced to the eligible expenditure, as follows:  Region  Intensity and maximum level of state aid  2014 - 2017 2018 - 2020 
Bucharest region:   
 15%, but no more than EUR 11.25 million (equivalent in lei)  
 10%, but no more than EUR 7.5 million (equivalent in lei) 
West and Ilfov regions  
 35%, but no more than EUR 26.25 million (equivalent in lei) 
North-west, Center, north-east, south-east, South-Muntenia, South-West Oltenia regions 
 50%, but no more than EUR 37.5 million (equivalent in lei)  
To be eligible, the applicant must carry out an investment project which would lead to the creation of at least 10 new jobs with the obligation to maintain them for a period of at least 5 years for large companies and 3 years for small and medium enterprises. 

The state aid will be granted for eligible expenditure resulting from salary costs recorded for a period of 2 consecutive years, within the limit of the medium national gross salary, approved by the annual social state insurances budget law, available for the year of the Financing Request submission.   

The process of approval of the application for financing will be carried out in two stages:  
1. Registration of the applications for financing agreement: the applicant shall submit to the Ministry of Public Finance documents such as: application for financing agreement, statement that the company belongs to the category of small and medium enterprises, confirmation of company details, approved annual financial statements, plan for the creation of jobs, fiscal certificate, power of attorney signed and stamped by the legal representative.   
The registration of the applications is performed in sessions as announced by the Ministry of Public Finances.
2. Final selection: based on the response from the Ministry of Public Finance, the company selected in the first evaluation stage will submit to the Registration office the second part of the documentation of the investment project which includes the business plan accompanied by supporting documents.

The Ministry of Public Finance will review the documentation and, if there are no requests for additional information, it will send:
a) the Financing Agreement;  
b) the Rejection of the investment project 

The payment of the state aid will be carried out after bearing the eligible expenditure in full or in part, provided that the first reimbursement of the expenditure is carried out after the creation of minimum 10 new jobs (out of which at least 3 for disadvantaged workers).   

The company has the obligation to maintain for minimum 5 years for large companies and 3 years for small and medium enterprises: 
 the Initial investment in operating status  
 each new job created (from the date on which it was first filled in)    

For the full list of sectors of activity for which NO state aid will be granted please contact Finexpert team: 

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