New in town - Dr. Leahu Caramfil Clinic

Tue | 25.07.2017


Under the motto "Integrated services. fewer visits. time won", Dr. Leahu Caramfil Clinic is dedicated to busy people. We live in the century of speed, and many times, health is put on the last plan. But if we do not have to do that anymore?

The new Clinic Dr. Leahu Caramfil is the first center in Romania accredited by the Biotechnology Institute to use revolutionary PRGF Endoret technology for the fast  healing of the patient using its own blood.

Also recognized as a Center of Excellence by Bredent Medical for fast & fixed technology, a 24-hour full mouth restoration system, and SIRONA for use of CEREC CAD / CAM technology for ceramic dental crowns in an hour.

The NEW Clinic Dr. Leahu Caramfil provides 8 treatment rooms, 2 Digital Planning Rooms and a digital 3D imaging center for patients. 


Dental prevention pack*

  • 1 dental examination
  • 1 panoramic dental x-ray
  • 1 oral cancer Velscope test
  • 1 profesional dental cleaning

Standard price 435 lei
Special price 200 lei

*Offer available in all 4 Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics in Bucharest

Children dental prevention pack*

  • 1 dental examination
  • 1 panoramic dental x -ray
  • 1 profesional dental cleaning

Standard price 220 lei
Special price 120 lei

*Offer available in Dr. Leahu Kids Pipera

We are the first choice for the pacients who want to get rid of their dental problems fast and without pain.Why? Because we have 4 dental clinics, one dedicated to children, and a team of 30 dentists specialized in all fields  of dentistry.

We use advanced digital technologies and methods in all our clinics to offer patients the highest levels of precision and accuracy,  which translates to less time overall and more comfort. We can reduce the time spent to receive a new crown from several days  to an hour or full mouth restauration in 24 h. These  are  some of the services that make us the best choice for you and your family! 

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