Luxury Lifestyle Fair, the 1st event of Noblesse Palace Lifestyle Fairs 2016 series

Sun | 25.09.2016

Creative Industries

Organized by Noblesse Palace-Lifestyle Palace during 22nd-24th of September, the first edition of “Luxury Lifestyle Fair” brought to its guests a refined mix between evenings with special events, like a cooking show or wine tasting, and a selling exhibition offered by high class brands.

Top products and services presented their unique, enticing story to the public, from interior design articles (Noblesse Interiors and Fendi Casa), jewelry (Swiss Diamond), fashion houses and fashion designers (Luminori, Tudor. Personal Tailor and Lumiere Collection) or cosmetic products (Mary Kay), to auto vehicles (Automobile Bavaria and Harley Davidson), audio systems (Bang & Olufsen) and real estate services (Popasului Residence).
During the three days of the fair, the guests enjoyed exclusive workshops by Tatiana Balaban (Luxury Lifestyle Fair Ambassador) and Mirela Paduraru (Cosmetics and Professional Makeup Trainer) – “Selling Luxury” and “Esthetical counseling and image enhancement”. The violin show by Graziella and the tango show by Dragos Samoil & Luana Ibacka elevated the spirits and completed the unique atmosphere of the noble building located in the heart of Bucharest. 

Alexandrion Group Romania offered delicious cocktails and Crama Oprisor delighted our guests with carefully selected wines! The sweet surprises, with special flavors were brought to us by Tort Design. To complete the atmosphere, Restaurant Cézanne by Cezar offered an exceptional cooking show.

Luxury Lifestyle Fair is the first event of Noblesse Palace Lifestyle Fairs 2016 series that will be hosted before the end of the year in the exclusive space of Noblesse Palace, as following:
-    Noble Drinks Fair 13th-15th October;
-    Exclusive Beauty & Fashion 20th-22nd October;
-    Wedding Extravaganza Fair 3rd-5th November;
-    Jewels & Watches Fair 17th-19th November;
-    Noblesse Palace Christmas Fair 17-23rd December. 

Fairs access is ticket and invitation based.

“Noblesse Palace Lifestyle Fairs 2016 series embarks on the ambitious mission of creating a culture of accessible luxury in Romania, defined by authenticity and originality. The refinement, the elegance, the etiquette specific to quality luxury are learned skills and Noblesse Group assumes the pioneering role of developing a lifestyle defined by value.” – Loredana Preda, CEO, Noblesse Group International. 

Follow the website and the Facebook page, to stay updated with detailed information on the fair schedule, special guests and the live concerts. 

Noblesse Palace is a project of Noblesse Group, entrepreneurial initiative that activates in the field of cultural and creative industries, promoting a refined lifestyle. “Add value to your lifestyle” is the motto that defines the activities of all brands belonging to the group.

Noblesse Group comprises the brands Noblesse interiors – luxury furniture and decorations showroom, Noblesse Academy – development courses, architecture and interior design office Studio Insign, Noblesse Cultural Association and Art and Event Center - Noblesse Palace. The headquarter of the group is Noblesse Palace-Lifestyle Palace. Noblesse Palace is a historical monument built in the year 1881 by the famous architect Alexandru Savulescu, being the first construction adopting the eclectic architectural style in the historical center of Bucharest. The building represents a true cultural and architectural jewelry spanning over more than 135 years of representative existence. It went through different historical periods, from aristocrat beauty during Berkowits ownership, to “Palatul Pionierilor si Soimilor Patriei” during the communist era, to post-communist years and abandonment until 2012. Starting with 2012, Noblesse Group, owner of various brands that activate in the interior design field and cultural industries, takes possession of the building. After a complex process of consolidation, restoration of its original elements, interior and exterior design, the building finally becomes what it is today: one of the most important centers for culture, art and design, a unique concept in Europe

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