Invitation survey Strategic Decision Making 2018 by MKOR

Tue | 20.02.2018


How are the decisions being made in your company?  We invite you to participate to the newest MKOR Consulting research, Strategic Decision Making 2018.

Here it is what we want to find out:

- How are the strategic decisions based for the companies in Romania: intuition or market information?

- In which way and how much the market opportunity research contributes to the development of the companies in Romania?

- What are the minuses and the pluses in collaboration with a research company? 

- How prepared are the Romanians companies to implement the GDPR regulations?

Spend 10 minutes to fill in the survey below and you will receive the newest white paper Trends in Marketing 2018 from MKOR Consulting. This instrument will provide starting point information of how to build the marketing strategy for this year.  


MKOR Consulting is the market opportunity research company.The services provided are: customer and employee satisfaction's surveys, public segmentation and customer’s profile,  analyses of competition, opportunity research for new markets and all types of studies a business has to conduct to make decisions and create strategy.


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