INAQ Consulting organizes the 4th edition IFS Conference in Romania

Sun | 23.04.2017


INAQ Consulting is organizing the 4th edition of the IFS Conference, event that will speak about safe products in the retail market, complying with the clients’ requirements and legislation.

Attended by over 250 people each year, the IFS Conference is estimated to record at least the same participation in 2017 .   

Considering the high interest for this subject of the representatives of all the companies in the marketing chain, from the manufacturer to the retailer, and the media exposure that will be assured by the fourth edition of the Conference, we offer you the opportunity to get noticed the company you represent, before, during and after the event.   

The implementation of the IFS standards on the production and supply chain of the consumer goods, food and non-food products, leads to the business development  and  assurance of safety products. For this reason, the chosen topic represents one with major impact for the companies.

The event will bring together:

  • IFS representatives from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Romania. 
  • National Authorities - MADR, ANSVSA, ANPC  - AMRCR, APC 
  • Important retailers 
  • Representatives of bilateral chambers: NRCC, CCIFER, BRCC, ASEMER, CCIRI etc. 
  • Diplomatic representatives 
NRCC members benefit from:
- special registration fee (45 EUR + VAT / person)
- 500 euro + VAT discount for each promotion package (Platinum, Gold, Silver)

Contact person: Ionuț Nache, General Manager,, 0722 517 971.   


INAQ Consulting is a firm that was set up in the year 2000 and has become one of the most important players on the market of management consulting services.

INAQ Consulting has built up and strengthened its position on the market by providing a wide range of services to its clients. Its main business fields comprise trainingconsulting and auditing services for the implementation of management systems. At the same time, we provide second party audit services (supplier audits) for the big retail chains.

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