High-performance Optimization Engines KeyDifferentiator in Dynamic Route Scheduling

Wed | 18.05.2016

Transport & Logistics

Today ORTEC has announced the worldwide release of the new Enhancement Package (EP3) of its flagship routing product ORTEC Routing and Dispatch. EP3 extends the 2014 ORTEC Routing and Dispatch major release with new optimizer capabilities for inner city and home delivery routing as well as fuels routing and dynamic sourcing. The release also brings a brand new resource assignment optimizer and a smarter and faster user-experience. The result: ORTEC Routing and Dispatch is a leading platform for planning, scheduling, dispatch and real-time execution.

Globalization and centralization are two key themes in today’s transportation landscape, where business processes such as planning are centralized, while geographical expansion of transportation operations is actively pursued. That’s why companies today are looking for a master platform on which multiple users across different locations can share resources (drivers, trucks, trailers), synergize orders, and align planning and execution. The all-in-one system of ORTEC Routing and Dispatch helps organizations drive revenue and achieve strategic business objectives with metrics tied to KPIs.

Daniel Dam, ORTEC Product Manager stated, “Route optimization used to be a batch process only, with clearly defined cut-off times. This is changing rapidly into a more dynamic process, requiring high-performance continuous optimization engines. Advanced Planning and Optimization software proves to be the key differentiator for delivering high service levels and lowest possible cost. Adding EP3 to ORTEC Routing and Dispatch means our customers are able to turn their supply chain from cost center into a competitive advantage”.

Optimized resource allocation
The introduction of a powerful resource allocation optimizer allows companies in Transportation, Retail and Distribution to truly reach a network of financially attractive continuous moves. This is pivotal in aiming for operational excellence. ”EP3’s resource optimization algorithms are capable of handling large volumes: hundreds of trailers are matched with drivers and trucks, then quickly dispatched,” added Dam.

Inner city routing
Home delivery and e-commerce are booming and today, more than ever before, the battle can be won or lost in the last mile. Accurate ETAs are a competitive weapon. In the new release, ETAs are more accurate than ever before through scheduling to precise locations in a street, respecting signposted turn restrictions and bollards. Add to this the new route optimizer, which was built from the ground up using the very latest scientific insights. The result: unparalleled optimization techniques which are pivotal for supporting the dynamics of transport and logistics.

Brand new dynamic sourcing algorithm
In order to leverage the business opportunities that are inherent to the fuels industry, ORTEC has introduced dynamic sourcing features, e.g. choosing the optimal terminal for loading based on product availability and price, while having flexible volumes. The result: a lower cost per volume.

User experience – greater visibility
Visibility of essential information is key in optimizing logistics processes. A highly responsive and intuitive system is required. The new release offers a highly responsive map view as well as smart interactive filtering of data, resulting in powerful decision support. Every feature that went into this package helps companies to efficiently optimize and execute transportation, as well as optimize profit and service levels. “We are delighted that at least nine industry leaders from all over the world pre-ordered the enhancement package and will go-live in Q3,” concluded Dam.

About ORTEC Routing and Dispatch
ORTEC Routing and Dispatch is an advanced transport management application for dispatch and execution of vehicle routes. It can help you reduce your operational costs, such as through strengthening collaboration between business units and within the supply chain. A proven, fit-for growth solution that will quickly deliver a return on your investment.


ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization solutions and services. ORTEC’s products and services result in optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning and warehouse control. 

ORTEC offers stand-alone, custom-made and SAP® certified and embedded solutions, supported by strategic partnerships. ORTEC has over 1,800 customers worldwide, 800 employees and offices in Europe, North America, South America and the Pacific Region.

More information: www.ortec.com and http://ortec.com/solutions/routing

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