Eurodite invites you to Metropolitan Field Trip Bucharest, 9th-12th June 2016

Wed | 01.06.2016

Creative Industries

Join us on this four-day field trip to Bucharest and meet your professional peers and local City Makers: Bucharest City Embassy, Eurodite and Zeppelin made a selection of inspiring city initiatives. Find the wonderful programme here!

NRCC members benefit from special incentives. Contact us at for mode details. 


We invite you to explore the developments that take place in the southern part of the city: new initiatives, cultural and social businesses, transformed industrial spaces and protected species in a green delta on an abandoned and forgotten land.

‘Bucharest South’ traditionally has a more negative image than the prosperous and better developed northern part of the city. In the field trip we will visit some of these urban initiatives that create value for the neighbourhood. We meet with City Makers that reveal that the south side of the city is now being discovered and explored by creative minds and young entrepreneurs. The field trip takes places a few days after the local elections on June 6. We don’t know the new political context yet but it surely will be one of the topics to be discussed during the field trip.

With a broad perspective on transition and social innovation in urban development we will study Bucharest as a city and a metropolis. We will meet local City Makers, professional peers, residents, entrepreneurs, and study the small-scale, often informal urban interventions.

Why should you join the Field Trip to Bucharest?
Because you are (actively) engaged in the transition of cities, or urban development in general. You want to broaden your horizon and witness how things are done elsewhere in Europe. You want to meet new people within your field of interest or profession, and want to establish sustainable (inter)national contacts. And first and foremost, you want to get a unique perspective on Bucharest, in the company of an inspiring group of peers and have the practicalities fully taken care off.

More details regarding the event are available here.


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