End of Summer Garden Party for Casa Ioana

Fri | 26.08.2016


Join a great summer party and support Casa Ioana, Bucharest oldest and largest independent shelter for women and children experiencing domestic abuse and family homelessness, celebrates 21 years of working with marginalised groups, in Bucharest.

“It has been an amazing journey,” says the founder and president of Casa Ioana, Ian Tilling. “Reaching out to women experiencing domestic abuse and family homelessness, and helping them move on with their lives is the core of Casa Ioana’s work; it is where we started out 21 years ago and it is still a challenge today. Casa Ioana has had to fight hard over the years to build its services and create a method of working that sees more than 80% of its beneficiaries move on positively with their lives. Innovation in social services can be difficult to implement, because of the top-down mentality that still exists, but by encouraging our beneficiaries to be a big part of the solution, helps empower them for the future. Casa Ioana’s success owes much to its staff and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to work alongside such a committed and professional team.”

Payment website: www.paservices.ro/events

Facebook page: https://business.facebook.com/events/648309431998849/

For more details and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Violeta Cenusa, email: violeta.cenusa@paservices.ro.

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