Early Years Education Conference in Romania 2016

Thu | 26.05.2016


A new dimension of life training should draw on multiple aspects including cognitive, physical, emotional and social abiliites.Studies demonstrate that children’s well-being has a major impact upon their adademic success, and that this cannot be obtained unless they guided with appropriate resources and motivation, for an active life both in the educational environment and beyond.

Internationally, interest exists in the development of a set of indicators for measuring well being in children (UNICEF 2007), European Council (2008), Office for Development and Economic Co-operation (2009) as well as the creation of strategies for stimulating children’s well-being including physical, social, emotional and intellectual dimensions. In countries such as Great Britain studies and policies regarding well-being were introduced in 2008 (Pedace) and the monitoring of these shows significant findings:

In 2015, according to the Office of National Statistics in Great Britain:

  • ¾ of children in Great Britain aged between 10 and 15 described their life as being satisfactory while the level of happiness fell from ‚high’ in 2013 to ‚medium’ in 2015
  • 1 in 8 children reported that they have been physically assaulted
  • The proportion of children with obsesity has risen by 28% in children aged between 2-15 and by 35% for ages 11-15
  • The number of delinquent children is also rising: 12% of children in GB aged between 10-15 were registered with an active record in 2013, half of whom had committed acts of violence.

In Romania these indicators are also growing: the daily stress to which children are exposed, a deficient education system, the way that children are taught, and the training of teachers all influence children’s well being.

Due to these facts, Acorns Foundation under its own brand of educational events named  First 7 organised the Early Years Education Conference from 11th-13th May in Bucharest: Happiness is Learnt in Childhood

Sessions were led by specialists from England, Canada and Romania: Ann McTavish  trainer, educational consultant and writer, Shonette Bason-Wood one of the best speakers on education from Great Britain, Amy Burke teacher and consultant in Mindfullness and Andy Szekely, author, specialist in Peak Performance and professional motivational speaker.

An efficient education does not neglect any aspect of well being, the reason why teachers themselves need training and personal development. They themselves must be happy and educated in order to lay the foundations of happiness for a new society. Shonette Bason Wood stated during the conference: „Children need happy adults so that they can be happy” And because happiness is learned, teachers taking part in the Early Years Conference learnt strategies to help themselves become happier, they found out how to use creativity for promoting well being in children and how movement and dance can change the teaching process in the classroom.

„Our aim is to create a snowball effect: to inspire particpants at the conference, to recognise and validate their vocation, to offer them strategies, activities and techniques which they can put in practice in their work with children. Once they see that these are real and create a feeling of happiness and thankfulness in the children and in themselves, they will want to continue this teaching and this in turn will inspire others! We need trained and happy teachers in Romania!” declared Valentina Secară,  General Manager ACORNS FOUNDATION.

80 teachers and teacher assistants from state creches attended the conference, among them 51% from across the country. Participants from Bucharest, Corabia, Bălan (Harghita), Miercurea Ciuc, Marghita (Bihor), Brastavatu (Olt), Cujmirul Mic (Mehedinți), Babadag (Tulcea), Moinești (Bacău), Cetate (Dolj), Petrești (Dâmbovița), Gura Șuții (Dâmbovița), Piatra Neamț, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Potlogi (Dâmbovița), Focșani (Vrancea), Vlad Țepeș (Călărași), Târgu Jiu (Gorj), Iași, Constanța, Vetrișoaia (Vaslui), Buzău benefitted from free information and training and models of good practice which they can put into practice straight away.

Teachers at the conference underlined their need for continuous training through which they can access up to date methods of teaching and child development. Cristina Ștică, a teacher working in a state creche said that „I will share the information received (at this conference) with my colleagues across the county. This conference should involve state institutions, where information does not arrive but would be very useful.” Loredana Moraru, a teacher working in the state system declared at the end of the conference „I think that if we change, change will automatically be produced in the classroom!”

The organisers thank everyone who believed in this project and who supported it: Acorns Nursery team and parents, BRCC, NRCC, The Diplomat, Prinţesa Marina Sturdza, event sponsors Autonom, Catena, Kinderunity, Bitdefender, and media partners: ItysBitsy, Magic FM, Fastrakids, suntmamica.ro, didactica.ro, suntparinte.ro, Tonica, Asociația Învață să Zbori, Romanian Journal, gradinitebucuresti.ro and those who helped with publicity.

About Acorns Foundation and First 7
ACORNS Foundation is the first educational setting in Romania certified as an Investor in people and awarded the Every Child Matters standard. ACORNS Foundation offers education and care for children aged 1-6 through ACORNS Nursery, using the British curriculum which focuses on the needs of each individual and his/her abilities. ACORNS Foundation is a member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools), British Association for Early Childhood Education, National Literacy Trust, National Children's Bureau and Early Years - the organization for young children.

FIRST7, a division of ACORNS Foundation offers coaching for staff working in education, offering quality information and access to continuous professional development in order to help children develop in a balanced and continuous way. FIRST 7 aims to be a place in which teachers feel that they add value to children’s lives and can change destinies through their continuous personal and professional development.

Together, we learn to be as clever as our children!

Iulia Goagă, Chapter 4 România
0748 222 508

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