Donate 2% and support Regina Maria Social Polyclinic Foundation

Tue | 27.02.2018


„Every child is potentially the light of this world!”

Donate 2% of your income tax and help a child with his education, by supporting the 2 free educational centers of Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria: Hero After School located in Clinceni and Baneasa After School.  

150 Children coming from socially disadvantaged families receive daily help with their homework from trained tutors, access to art activities, foreign language courses and psychological support so that their future may differ from that of their parents. With your help, children who may otherwise drop out of school, will countinue to learn in a safe and friendly environment. Sign the 2% form for their education and make the best investment in our society.

Download the 2% form HERE and leave it at the reception, we’ll pick it up and send it to ANAF. Everyone who chooses to donate their 2% will receive a free coffee from us, at Sheida Coffee and Stories, the foundation’s social caffe.


Regina Maria Social Polyclinic Foundation, founded by Dr. Wargha Enayati, who is also the founder of the Regina Maria private healthcare network, celebrated in 2017 6 years of medical activity. 

Regina Maria Social Polyclinic Foundation is the only non-profit organisation which offers free integrated healthcare services to people with no medical insurance or income and also, to people with very low income, in Bucharest, through its two Social Free Clinics.

Moreover, the Foundation has also two after-school educational centers: Baneasa Education Center and Hero After-School Clinceni. Another social project is Sheida Café on 23 Ion Campineanu Street.

“In 2016, there were more than 7,000 consultations and this year we can already talk about 3,858 medical checkups, analyzes and investigations. The need for sustainability has always put us in a position to think about solutions. Here’s the motto of this clinic – “Get well, doing well” – and, in this sense, we decided to launch a dental subscription which, from our analysis, is the most convenient on the market. With EUR 6/month, you benefit from consultation, treatment plan and other specific investigations,” Cristiana Mateoiu, Executive Manager of Regina Maria Social Polyclinic Foundation. 


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