Acorns organizes 4th edition of Early Years Conference, 25 - 27 October, Bucharest

Fri | 07.07.2017


Acorns Foundation is currently organising the 4th edition of a 3 day conference dedicated to training staff (teachers and assistants) who work with children aged 0-6. The conference will take place from 25th-27th October, at Hotel Capitol in Bucharest. the theme of this year’s conference is “teaching with enthusiasm for happy children”.


The Early Years Education Conference is organized by Acorns Foundation through its training division named First 7, and is a CSR event through which we would like to offer free participation to 100 teachers in the state system, with the aims of:

  • Promoting and supporting the TEACHING profession in Romania
  • Offering up to date information, strategies that teachers and teaching assistants can use straight away in their own classrooms
  • Creating a community of teachers who are keen to receive professional training, delivered with a lot of passion and enthusiasm

Because the number of applicants who want to enter teaching is continually falling and because existing teachers need new strategies which are suitable for the present generation we have decided to offer training/workshops similar to those available for teachers in Western Europe, so that we can create a nucleus that inspires change, through good knowledge and practice.

Why the theme “Teaching with enthusiasm for happy children”:

  • An extra-ordinary teacher should be completely involved in teaching. Support for his/her efforts has an impact on the way in which future generations behave.
  • The new generation is different compared to those from previous years; teaching techniques and classroom management strategies therefore have to be optimized
  • The need for teachers to perform, and to use their qualities and passions is in direct proportion to children’s need for education. The partnership between these two and recognition and support for both contribute to effective teaching
  • Today, classroom management should draw on a combination of personal and professional abilities, rather than be used as a way of controlling/directing the whole class at a time – as in the past
  • Changes in teaching begin with changes in teachers

Cutlip and Shockley (1988) found that when pupils were asked what they considered to be the qualities if a good teacher, the most popular answer was ‘enthusiasm’  (Totally Positive Teaching - Joseph Ciaccio).

The success of previous conferences and feedback from participants confirms that taking part in such an event led to a change in teachers’ thinking and that they want to more of this type of training in the future.

Because this is an event for the community, it relies solely on sponsorship from partners. We invite you to join us by becoming our supporting partner of the Early Years Education Conference and thereby support training, which is free of charge for teachers in the state system.

If you are interested to support this initiative please contact Valentina Secara, General Manager,

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