9th Credit Risk Management Conference

Thu | 03.05.2018


9th Credit Risk Management Conference

Wednesday, 9 May 2018 / Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest


ICAP Romania, member of ICAP Group, the largest Business Information and Consulting Group in Southeastern Europe, is organizing the 9th Annual Credit Risk Management Conference in Bucharest. For a ninth successive year we bring together some of the most productive visionaries & leading figures in the field of credit risk management on a local and international level.


This year the conference will address some of the sensitive topics of the moment:


-Is stability a necessity or a hindrance of opportunity?

-Sacrifice growth for the sake of safety, or safety for the sake of growth?

-What is the short and medium term impact of GDPR on how to do business?


These topics will be addressed by the following keynote speakers, from both Romania and abroad:

-Adrian Vasilescu, Counselor to the Governor of the National Bank of Romania

- Cristian Paun, Dean of the International Foreign Relations FacultyAcademy of Economic Studies

-Daniela Re Fraschini, Assistant Vice President-Analyst, Moody`s Investors Service Ltd.

-Anthony Scriffignano, Senior Vice President, Chief Data Scientist, DUN & BRADSTREET (D&B)

-Giancarlo Montorsi, Manager – Management Consulting, CRIF Credit Solutions

-George Chlomoudis, Group Data Protection Officer, ICAP Group

-Myrto Kyriakidou, Director of Credit Risk Services, ICAP Group


The panel that will be organized for this edition of the Conference is called “Safety vs. Growth” and, as the topic suggests, will address the fine balance between extensive growth strategies and a more conservative approach of the market. The participants that will tackle this topic are:

• Christian Bogaru, Avocat & Managing Partner, Bogaru, Braun Noviello & Asociatii
• Cornel Caramizaru, Managing Director, FrieslandCampina Romania
• Cristian Paun, Dean of the International Foreign Relations, Academy of Economic Studies
• Jean Dumitrescu, CFO, Aquila Group
• Vasile Godanca-Herlea, CEO, Casa de Insolventa Transilvania


Also, for this year of the Conference we will have an absolute premiere in that we are proposing a Workshop, called “Credit in Motion” that will address one of the key questions in credit risk analysis: How do you evaluate a company that is already in a crises? Myrto Kyriakidou is Director of Credit Risk Services at ICAP Group and the person responsible for the smooth running of ICAP Group as a credit rating agency, will address this sensitive topic in an interactive manner.


The conference content will include insightful presentations on managing risk by representatives of business associations, banking institutions, Romanian and multinational companies. This exchange of ideas and the dialogue developed during the Conference in regards to concrete practices for the reduction of Credit Risk, is the starting point for future action plans.


The ICAP Credit Risk Conference is an unrivalled destination for discussion and debate about the many different challenges facing the risk management today, both in its sessions and in the range of networking opportunities it creates. Featuring some of the foremost thought-leaders, innovators and policy makers in their fields and covering a wide breadth of topics, 9th Credit Risk Conference will be the place to explore new strategies, understand business disruptors, chart future technological progress and uncover the future roadmap of the industry.


Link to register:

  1. EN: http://icapgroup.romania-9th-crc-eng.sgizmo.com/s3/

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