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Tue | 01.11.2016


“Via valores” – the way to values is the motto of Noblesse Academy. 

Personal values are a referral in the decisional process and represent our essence, the way to our happiness and fulfilment. Noblesse Academy is offering courses and workshops based on a solid value system, build to enlarge everyone’s horizons in order to have a valuable lifestyle. We bring together top specialists from different domains and specialties, in the unique environment of the Noblesse Palace.

NRCC members benefit from 10% discount at all courses within Noblesse Academy. 

Noblesse Academy facilitates direct contact with outstanding teachers and trainers, well-known specialists, with interesting life stories, each and every one of them being a value to a certain domain. 

The Noblesse Academy students become part of a special community and they will have access to the newest and most interesting information and approaches.

The location of the courses is Noblesse Palace, a “dream universe” where we revived the noble and elegant world of the past centuries. Our courses cover a large part of the life aspects, to offer a complete and yet specific experience to every participant: interior design, plastic arts, dance, theatre, music, beauty, nutrition, psychology, spirituality, etc.

The course is addressing to those who are passionate about interior design, but don’t have any information about it. Its purpose is that by the end of all lessons the participants should look the space in a different manner, with a ”specialist eye”.

To Whom is Addressed:
Persons interested in arranging and designing the space
Entrepreneurs interested in opening a new line of business
People who wish to transform their dream passion into reality

Course Benefits:
Clarifies and refines the capacity of selecting valuable interior arrangements
Teaches how to realize a draft for a design project
Understanding of different mentalities and motivating creative approaches
Access to informative products and library of interior design company Noblesse Interiors

Course Details:
Price: 2700 RON/entire course (Coffee Break included)
Cash or payment order
Weekly – Every Tuesday at 6,00 PM, starting with October 25, 2016. (10 sessions)
15 places available
Location: Noblesse Palace, str. Sfintilor nr. 7, Bucuresti
Trainer: arch. Beatrice Gabriela Joger
Plastic art course is programmed for those who want to reach a higher spiritual ground, with special mental programming and dynamic.

To Whom is Addressed:
Drawing and painting passionate who want to learn more
People who are looking for relaxation and self-discovery through arts

Course Benefits:
Develops the observation, detail approach, material and nuances senses
Deepens the personal abilities
Enlarge the creativity and unblocks the inhibitions
General culture knowledge
Study of exterior nature brings value to interior nature
Relaxation, stress-release, inner balance

Course Details:
·Price: 150 RON/lesson – minimum 4 lessons
·Cash or payment order
·Weekly – Every Saturday at 10,00 AM, starting with October 22, 2016. (10 sessions)
15 places available
Location: Noblesse Palace, str. Sfintilor nr. 7, Bucuresti
Trainer: Aurel Patrascu
This course is meant to help women understand and use their power in every life situation.

To Whom is Addressed: 
Those who want to reconnect with their feminine power, to become strong and trustful. Women who believe they can be sensual and beautiful no matter the aspect
Those who want to understand and break through emotional blockage

Course Benefits:
Discover the inner feminine values and differences between the male and female energy
Understanding the principles of the female mind and body connection
Using resources and results
Develop the thoughts and words creative power
Create a personal program with practical exercises, daily rituals and affirmations

Course Details:
Price: 150 RON/ session (2 hours)
Cash or payment order
Weekly – Every Monday at 7,00 PM, starting with October 10, 2016. (4 sessions)
40 places available
Location: Noblesse Palace, str. Sfintilor nr. 7, Bucuresti
Trainer: Luana Ibacka
Argentinian Tango is a social, conversational dance, based on improvisation. Tango is an international language for those who travel a lot – It is known all around the world and can be a “shortcut” to a certain social community.
Through tango we tell a story about ourselves and we listen the stories of others, told in a magical, mysterious, alchemic language: the language of hugging. Hugging means acceptance, honesty, leadership. It is a story about mystery and passion, about the perfect resonance between the leader and the follower, between the man and the woman who get to know each other only by hugging and dancing.

To Whom is Addressed:
Passionate about beauty, arts, personal development, dance
Those interested in cultivating the body-mind-spirit connection
Socializing through dance - People looking for a refined way of spending their spare time
Those who travel a lot – Tango is a “shortcut” to every community, being known all over the world

Course Benefits:
Free spirit – sensitive, educated personality
Socializing/Networking – a refined way of spending spare time with authentic social interaction
Cultivating body awareness and the link body-mind-spirit
Stress Release – excellent relaxation technique
Leadership - A Tango dancer knows how to hug by connecting to the other, and knows how to “Lead” in every life situation.
Resonating with others – can easily understand the energy, the dynamic of another body from the outside to inside. The tango dancer becomes an “emotional designer by motion”
Community – only in Bucharest the Tango community has over 500 members, with 2/3 weekly events (Milonga Parties)

Course Details:
Price: 75 RON/hour – 1 session has 2 hours
Cash or payment order
Weekly – Every Wednesday at 7,00 PM, starting with October 12, 2016. (8 sessions)
20 places available
Location: Noblesse Palace, str. Sfintilor nr. 7, Bucuresti
Trainer: Dragos Samoil
At the Noblesse Palace we have initiated a new series of personal development workshops in a special combination with live broadcasted interviews.

This concept is totally new to Romania and brings together the insights of a live broadcast and an interactive workshop (questions-answers) with top specialists from important domains like medicine, psychology, nutrition, etc.

1 oct. , 11:00 - "The mental control. Techniques of efficient learning through Silva Method” – by  Rajko Kuzmanovic, Silva Method initiator in Romania
8 oct., 11:00  - "What men want?“ - Monica Lespezanu, psychologist and Alin Comsa, trainer, specialist in communication.
15 oct, ora 11:00 – “The ABC of non-verbal intelligence.“ - Dr. Mihaela Stroe, sociologist
29 oct, ora 11:00 - "Burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome” - Dr. Mugur Ciumageanu, psychotherapist

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